The Toubkal Raid

One young man will be taking on a personal adventure to raise money for CRISIS, a UK homeless charity this April.

Jenkin Lewis will be saddling up a motorbike and heading for the highest mountain in North Africa- Jebel Toubkal, at 4167m high.

He will travel from his doorstep to the mountain, via France, Spain, the Rif valley, the northern Sahra Desert and Marrakesh.

To ensure he raises as much money and publicity as possible for CRISIS, his chosen charity, please consider using the press pack below for publication.




Press Release (word document) (text only)

Jenkin Lewis [Curriculum Vitae] [Image 50k]


Press targeted

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  • MCN
  • TBM (Trail Bike Magazine)
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  • CRISIS Press
  • Evening Standard
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