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Please sponsor us, we will be needing as generous a donation as you an manage if we are to make our £2000 goal and reach the top of the mountainometer.

Who are CRISIS anyway?
Crisis works with the most vulnerable solitary homeless people. Crisis want long-term solutions, which means helping people through their personal crises that, if not addressed, are likely to lead to a return to the street.

Tackling homelessness is about more than putting a roof over someone's head as Crisis has argued for many years. Crisis have innovative services to respond to the challenge of hidden homelessness

CRISIS use a practical approach that helps people to find safe, long-term accommodation and provides the support they need to rebuild their lives. From emergency intervention and temporary accommodation, to permanent housing and resettlement support, Crisis offer key solutions to homelessness.

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Please send us a cheque directly (made out to " CRISIS") or pledge some money now by emailing us here:


We will collect donations when we return in May

For further information on where your donations will be going to, please visit the very informative CRISIS website by clicking on their logo below.

More information:

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